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Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin, DVM, Artist,
Founding Member
Wearable metal art
I am a veterinarian by vocation, but my avocation is metal craft. In the studio, hand tools are used to forge original designs into wearable art. Materials include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fossil, bone, oyster/ pheasant/quail egg shell, Southern cypress, Sitka spruce, stone, and glass. The emphasis is on form, function, and natural colors. One can say that I simply make handsome, strong, and economical garb for men and women to wear anywhere in the field, on the water, at the office, or in between.

Marylou Athorn-“St Francis Of Assisi”

Marylou Athorn, Artist
Founding Member
I am a papier mache artist, and have displayed and sold my work through Avenue E, Handmade in Apalach, Studio B, and The Seaoats Gallery on SGI, and now the Green Door.

Pamelot Arts – “Primal” & “Rainforest”

Pamelot Arts, Artist
Founding Member
Pamelot, from the Florida Gulf Coast, attended several colleges and apprenticeships, and has also received several grants. In her own words, “I am compelled to create with almost all mediums (paint, clay, glass, wood, copper) to embellish what may be real or whimsical, or just capture magical times.”
Image: “Primal” (Left) & “Rainforest” (R.) – Acrylic on canvas.