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Jilly Michaels - Modigliani's "Sitting Nude" hooked in wool
Jilly Michaels – Modigliani’s “Sitting Nude” hooked in wool

Jilly Michaels, Fiber and Glass Artist, Rug Hooker
Founding Member
“I am fascinated with fiber and glass, and the creation of functional art.”

Joyce Estes
Joyce Estes

Joyce Estes, Artist
Founding Member
Hand painted silk adornment for you or your home. Original oil and watercolor paintings and prints. Silk painting workshops for novice or advanced students.

Judy Luten- Blue Ceramic

Judy Luten, Potter
Founding Member
Judy Luten explored many mediums such as drawing, glasswork and sculpture before she found her passion for clay. Love of nature and extensive travel reveal the re-utilizing of natural materials, creating art that has functionality for use as planters, vases and lamps. Suggesting that art and nature are one.

Kay Olin – Love The Irish

Kay Olin, Artist
Founding Member
“Watercolor and acrylic are my favorite mediums. My Father is an artist and so I have been painting with him since childhood. I am an amateur and looking forward to being a part of this group to further their mission and to spend more time painting and learning from them. My husband and I both love collecting art as well. I want to put my 30 plus years in marketing and advertising to work to help this wonderful collection of “artistic hearts”, Artists of Apalachicola Association, realize their mission here to enrich and grow the artistic soul of Apalachicola on behalf of the artists and the community brand.”