Founding Members 2

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Edward Michaels
Edward Michaels

Edward Michaels, Artist
Founding Member
Fly Tying and Fish Art
“I have been tying fishing flies for over 40 years. Now I incorporate various media of fish art with my flies.”

Frederic Kahler
Frederic Kahler

Frederic Kahler, Artist/Performer
Founding Member
“I bring beauty into the world.”

Holly Alpert-Legal_Limit
Holly Alpert-“Legal Limit”

Holly Alpert, Artist
Founding Member
Holly looks to center our attention on
the spirits surrounding us
the hope in a dog’s eye
the stillness of pitcher plants
the essence of a garden.

Jann Kirkland Roberts-The Awakening
Jann Kirkland Roberts-“The Awakening”

Jann Kirkland Roberts, Photographer/Media
Founding Member
I have had a camera in one hand and a pen and pad in the other since I was young. Being able to capture an incredible vision has always been in my heart, whether with words or a photo.