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Brooks Jones-"Chloe Elizabeth Jones"
Brooks Jones-“Chloe Elizabeth Jones”

Brooks Jones – Musician/Artist
Founding Member
Brooks Jones plays banjo, guitar, mandolin and bass. Techniques include bluegrass, folk,jazz, swing, and classical. Founding member of the musical group “FishLipz”.
Art mediums include oil, acrylic, ink and charcoal. Styles include impressionism, expressionism, fauvism, realism, cartooning and portraiture.
Painting “Chloe Elizabeth Jones”.

Carol Goodwin-Knits
Carol Goodwin-Knits

Carol Goodwin, Fiber Artist
Founding Member
I enjoy using the finest yarns made from the most exquisite fibers to produce ethereal knitted shawls, wraps, scarves and other garments.
Each of my creations is made by hand, generally on very small needles, using fine lace and fingering weight yarns. Upon completion the item is blocked into shape by soaking it in warm water, stretching it on a rubber mat, then anchoring it with blocking wires and pins. This opens the garment and reveals up the fine lace patterns.
Lace knitting is a true act of faith, in that the completed knitting often looks like a much too small, matted mess. But then I do the blocking and magic happens. Life a bud opening to reveal a flower, these creations are meant to be touched, worn, hung in the window to see the light come through the lace and to make the owner happy. Every woman- young, old, or middle aged- looks elegant and beautiful wrapped in fine lace.

Carol Harris-Over the Bridge
Carol Harris – “Over the Bridge”

Carol Harris, Musician/Artist
Founding Member
Owner of Wombat Sound Music Store. Teaching; guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass and banjo. I perform solo guitar, fiddle and mandolin for weddings, restaurants, and special occasions. I also perform as a member of three groups; the Trinity Trio (Renaissance/Classical), the Front Porch Fiddlers, and FishLipz.
I am also a pastel artist. I love creating animals with personality, and landscapes.

David Barclay-Carved Table
David Barclay-Carved Table

David Barclay, Artist
Founding Member
David’s unique style of high relief wood carving results in one of a kind pieces, including cabinet doors, tables, wall art, wood trim & more. A most amazing fact is that each is created from one single piece of wood.