Founding Directors, Page 2

Janyce Loughridge – “Buddy”

Janyce Loughridge, Artist
Founding Director
I work in Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, and Ceramics. I specialize in customized portraits of dogs, cats, animals, children, and adults on the beach or in their home, office or wherever they are most comfortable. My goal is to capture my clients perception of their loved ones on linen in oils and to serve their needs to create an heirloom for their future generations. I’m also a plein air painter and am active in ceramics. My work is represented by the Bowery Art Gallery in Apalachicola, Florida.

Jody Rosenbaum-Beached
JodyRosenbaum – “Beached”

Jody Rosenbaum, Artist
Founding Director
“I have been involved in the Arts community wherever I call home. Whether painting, organizing a plein air event, or serving as a director to our arts association, I am always happier when surrounded by kindred souls.”

Kristin Anderson – “Leaping Dolphins Moon Phase Shell”

Kristin Anderson, Metal Artist
Founding Director
Fine works in silver, gold, enamel, and stones. Custom orders a specialty.
“Jewelry has many functions in our lives: adornment, display, reminder, signal. Adorning yourself attracts pleasing attention. Display lets others see your status in society. A reminder keeps you in touch with a friend, concept, or belief. A signal lets others know that you are married, or have a particular religious affiliation. Beautiful jewelry, finely made, connects you to history, the maker, the giver, to ideas and beliefs that you want to have grow in your life. I believe that we are here on this planet, in this reality, to come to certain realizations, and to live in harmony with our environment and each other. I intend for the pieces that I make, my “works”, to express the awareness that has come to me through study and practice. I hope that my works will be of use to others in their life journeys. Some of my works are representational, some are referential, and some express my attitude toward materials and function simply in the way they are made. Some pieces I make in response to requests from clients. Every piece that I make is an ambassador for my belief in quality of materials, design, and craftsmanship.”