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Clarice Powell - "African Queen"
Clarice Powell – “African Queen”

Clarice Powell, Potter
Founding Director
Clarice’s love for primitive furniture and art was the start of her love of pottery. “Clay tends to have a life of its own Your personal style is guided by the clay and I love the primitive look of my pieces”.
Clarice is a self taught potter. She attended evening pottery classes at FSU learning to throw on a wheel but found that the freedom and organic nature of hand building was what she loved.

Ed Springer

Ed Springer, Artist
Founding Director
“All my life I’ve enjoyed drawing and painting. Upon retiring and moving to Apalachicola, I became involved with pastel painting under the instruction of Alice Jean Gibbs. After several years I began painting in oil. Much of my work reflects local subjects and nature.”

Jaime Llewellyn – “OceanWave”

Jaime Llewellyn (Liang), Sculptor
108 9th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Founding Director
“I am a retired attorney enjoying my second childhood, making art to my heart’s content. I am happily ensconced among the many gifted artists who live and visit Apalachicola. I make ceramic sculpture with a very organic approach which follows nature’s lead. I hope you enjoy the pieces that I have so much fun creating.”