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Award Winners of the 3rd Annual Artists of Apalachicola Association Exhibition

3rd Annual Artists of Apalachicola Association Exhibition
Award Winners

1st  Alice J. Walker, “Kevin’s Bullfrog”
2nd  Joe Kotzman, “Guardians of the Dolphin”

1st Mary Lou Athorn, “My Sister’s Chickens”
2nd David Barclay, “Jack and the Beanstalk”
3rd Pamelot, “Turtle Floating Over Reef”

1st Joan Vienot, “Lady Louise”
2nd Charles Sawyer, “Canal Scene, Venice, Italy”
3rd Bo May, “HCA Vintage”

1st Randy Pitts, “Creek Reflections”
2nd Lynn Wilson, “Blue Bayou”
3rd Joan Vienot, “Desert Mountain Ravine”

Director’s Choice “Outstanding Artist” Award: Susan Richardson.

We all thank the many volunteers who helped support this past years activities and especially Jaime Liang for her leadership in organizing our AAA Members Show.

We thanks our Members Show judge Master Artist Morgan Samuel Price and her choice of “Ribbon Winners”.

Alice Jean Anderson

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a message from Clarice Powell, interim treasurer

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